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The construction phase proper requires the painstaking management and coordination of the suppliers involved and the progress made. With their field experience, the experts at CIBS Group are the best qualified to bring your project to optimal completion, on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

CIBS Group can oversee LEED®-certified renovation and construction projects. See the sustainable development section for more information in this regard.

Sustainable development

The main issue being extremely rigorous project management in order to respect LEED® standards as much as possible while exercising meticulous cost control. The goals are to decrease energy consumption, create healthier environments, increase the lifespan of buildings, reduce the ecological footprint of buildings and increase their value.

  • Respect the environment
  • Renewable energy
  • Quality of places and materials
  • Construction waste management

It is important to note that a building contractor, product or material can never be LEED® certified. For a building to be LEED® certified, it must meet several criteria which will ensure that the building constructed is efficient and that it meets the required quality standard based on a point system. The CIBS group has over the years managed projects with LEED® certification

Development of final plans

Careful analysis of service offers, negotiations and contract awards to subcontractors

  • Project monitoring activities and site meetings on a regular basis
  • Coordination with the client for specific needs
  • Rigorous management of the budget and construction schedule
  • Interface between client and entrepreneur
  • List of deficiencies and application of corrections
  • Post construction monitoring
    • Installation of client staff
    • Installation monitoring
    • Services-Consulting