Strategic thinking ● Preaudits ● Technical and financial feasibility studies ● Financing ● Real estate development ● Building analysis (PCA) ● Urban planning ● Environmental survey ● Soil survey and quality control ● Architecture ● Interior design ● Project management ● Civil engineering ● Techanical and electrical structures ● Construction project management ● Sustainable development


CIBS Group provides the right resources to commercial and industrial real estate project managers and owners at the right time to help them make the right choices and take informed decisions at every stage of their real estate projects.

Our specialists are divided into three key service categories: Consulting, Management and Construction. Each project is unique, as are the needs of our clients. Building on expertise acquired in the field over the years, our team always keeps that in mind.

Pay as you go Services

CIBS Group provides the services of expert consultants, architects, urban planners, engineers, environmental experts, project managers, real estate developers and construction contractors. All provide highly professional support and help our clients avoid routine mistakes and the never-ending back-and-forth between architect and contractor.

CIBS has a complete range of pay-as-you-go services, from planning—including the analysis of immediate and future requirements, budget estimates, risk assessments and solutions—to actual construction and post-construction follow-up.

If you need help on any specific aspect along the way, our professionals will be there, wherever and whenever you decide.