As of May 16th, le Groupe CIBS was honoured to receive authorization to contract/subcontract with public organizations from the Autorité des marchés publics (AMP). 3 major principles allow to qualify at this rank

Transparency – Equity – Healthy competition

May 27th 2019 – First sod turning took place today for the future location of Scanada Group. M. Hans Vikstrom has retained the services of Groupe CIBS for planification, management and construction of his project. SCANADA offers slipform, heavy lift and engineering services. With its various projects among which the CN Tower in Toronto, the Shard skyscraper in London or the Oseberg A Platform in the North Sea, Scanada Group is a globally recognized company.

May 1st 2019 - Pallia-Vie is a house of palliative care in Rivière-du-Nord operating with the support of Pallia-Vie foundation which is committed to raising funds that will serve for Rivière-du-Nord palliative care house.

All services provided at the palliative care house are offered freely, from specialized nursing and medical care to food service as well as single room accommodation.

April 26 2019 - Groupe Mach grants the construction contract of their 115,000 sq. ft.  building in Laval. Groupe Mach grants the construction contract of their 115,000 sq. ft.  building in Laval to Le Groupe CIBS who is honored to be counted among their partners and as such contribute to the development of their real estate projects.   

Details about this project will follow in June

March 16th 2019 -  The handing over of keys took place today for the Manoir Deauville project.  All means available were put to contribution in order to complete the project according to schedule without any cost overrun.  Our client welcomed his first patients in his new establishment on March 23rd.  Another project signed CIBS.
January 8th, 2019 – The handing over of keys to the client for Villa du Nord project in Sainte-Sophie took place today.  Every aspect of this project went well; project delivered without any cost overrun and within schedule.   Our happy client is willing to repeat the experience with the CIBS team without hesitation.

In St-Hyacinthe, the construction of Groupe Shemie’s 3-storey residence for  seniors coping with loss of autonomy has been granted to CIBS.

The first automobile dealer displaying the new Ford Signature image concept has opened its doors in Saint-Basile-le-Grand.

CIBS moves into their new premises on Arthur-Sicard street in Mirabel.

This new location of 3, 100 sq. ft. features two conference rooms allowing to welcome more clients simultaneously.  Innovative technologies with visuals to facilitate information sharing during meetings.  New furniture for enhanced ergonomics and isolated offices for more intimacy favouring dedication and concentration.  Every effort was made to create a pleasant, bright and up to date environment.


Launch of the reconstruction of a residence for seniors initially destroyed by fire in 2016.  Unfortunate event causing some 30 persons to be left homeless