When it is finally time to take action, CIBS Group reduces the risks and gets things moving in the right direction thanks to its proven management methods. And it does this while staying on budget and within the agreed-upon deadline for final delivery.

Project managers and owners get all of the guidance and support they need to lay the right foundation for a successful outcome.

Strategic guidance and support for decision-makers

Regular progress updates, progress meetings, decision support, intervention in the event of conflict, negotiation of special agreements with the municipality and other authorities, etc.

Economic forecasts for the project

Establishment of project guidelines based on specific, reliable and realistic budgets, assessment of the ability to meet the financial obligations attributable to renovation/construction work and production of the report for the lending institution.

Optimization of activities as a whole

Combination of analytical and creative techniques to find original but appropriate ways to achieve objectives. Establishment of new organizational and financial infrastructures for the company and integration of new ways of doing business or providing services.

Diagnostic (Property Cost Assessment)

Condition and cost of buildings with valid, quality information in a short period of time, also called the due diligence period; condition assessment and refurbishment cost estimate; inspection of structural components (concrete, steel, wood), roofing, electrical and mechanical components; site and environmental characteristics (paving, landscaping, walkways, parking; etc.

Verification of plans

Review of building plans to make sure the design is up to code, permits, fire safety, access and accommodation for mobility-impaired persons, potential solutions for non-compliances, development of an architectural concept to enhance the client organization's brand image, etc.

Establishment of the construction schedule and key stages

Detailed action plan, persons responsible, deadlines for each phase of the project, interaction between activities, activity forecast for business continuity, etc.

Establishment of an experienced multidisciplinary team

Selection and assignment of various project contributors: planners, project managers, land surveyors, architects, appraisers, urban planners, environmental and sustainable development experts, etc.