This strategic component is still one of CIBS's greatest strengths. Our experts can give you the straight facts regarding the viability of your commercial or industrial real estate project from the very start. That is when we establish whether the project rests on a solid foundation and whether its structure will stand the test of time. This step focuses not only on the structural aspect, but also examines the project's vision and business strategy.

For example, after reviewing a situation, the team may suggest to a client that he sell his property and acquire his competitor's assets before investing in new property. In some cases, this kind of strategy can help a company increase its market share and get the yield sought from the capital invested.

CIBS Group clients benefit from our specialists' vast experience and business acumen, distinctive elements that help position our organization favourably within our market.

Project overview

  • Needs and risk analysis: objectives, constraints, challenges, commercial and financial issues, decision-making process (to make better choices), etc.
  • The company in its environment: global market, competitors, trends, technological evolution, social environment, labour, etc.
  • Understanding of the company's business plan: target clienteles, product/service characteristics, skills, positioning, business strategies, development, succession plan, etc.
  • Ability to pay: analysis of financial models, forecasts, cash flow, source of funding, partnerships, etc.

Direction setting

Expansion, relocation, acquisition of a competitor, limitations of the existing building, sought-after location, overall budget, demographic analyses and needs of the population, etc.

Cost-benefit analysis

Pros and cons associated with the project, decision support tools to weigh the total anticipated costs against the total anticipated benefits to determine the best or most cost-effective course of action.

Preliminary plans to orient the budget

Physical data on the land and building, standards and regulations, trade-mark requirements in cases where compliance with a manufacturer or brand is required, etc.

Preliminary construction budget

Establishment of a preliminary budget based on experience with similar projects and validation of costs associated with key categories by specialized subcontractors.

Recommendations: “Go / No Go” stage

Conformité des résultats aux attentes ((« Go »), non-conformité des résultats aux attentes : arrêt ou report du projet (« No Go »).Si le projet est reporté : actions à entreprendre avant d'aller de l'avant.