The construction phase proper requires the painstaking management and coordination of the suppliers involved and the progress made. With their field experience, the experts at CIBS Group are the best qualified to bring your project to optimal completion, on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

CIBS Group can oversee LEED®-certified renovation and construction projects. See the sustainable development section for more information in this regard.

Sustainable development

Our main focus is providing very stringent project management to adhere as closely as possible to LEED® standards, all while carefully controlling costs. The goal here is to reduce energy use, create healthier environments, increase the service life of buildings, reduce their ecological footprint and increase their value.

  • Environmental protection
  • Renewable energy
  • Quality of sites and materials
  • Construction waste management

It is important to specify that construction contractors, products and materials can never be LEED® certified. For a building to be LEED® certified, it has to meet a number of criteria proving that it is efficient and that it meets the required quality standard based on a scoring system. Over the years, CIBS Group has led a number of LEED®-certified projects.

Development of final plans

  • Careful analysis of bids; negotiation and award of contracts to subcontractors
  • Project monitoring activities and regular job site meetings
  • Coordination with the client for specific needs
  • Strenuous management of the budget and construction
  • Go-between for the client and contractor
  • List of deficiencies and implementation of corrections
  • Post-construction follow-up

Set-up of the client's staff

  • Follow-up on installations
  • Consulting services